The Flaming Lips “Bohemian Rhapsody” 4/1/06 MP3

From the Saturday show. (Thanks Jason!)

The Flaming Lips – “Bohemian Rhapsody (4/1/06 NYC)” (MP3 Link Expired)

Brooklyn Vegan has pics, and you can stream the whole CD at AOL Music.

Speaking of April Fool’s, who fell for the “leaked Radiohead track”? I did. Just desserts I suppose. (My Fool’s Foo last year was Paula Abdul’s “Vibeology.”)

In actual Radiohead news, Thom previews the album in NME this week:

“Listening back to things we are doing and looking through the lyrics today and stuff it feels like we are finally getting somewhere. There are lots of songs. Too many to get together straight away. So we will be furiously rehearsing and writing as we go. I think we’ve always worked best when we aren’t bothered about making mistakes. There’s a lot of baggage about the old way of doing things that is hard to get over … all the ‘album’ crap. Just this level of pressure that is ridiculous. We’re just going to do what feels right at the time. Quite into the idea of singles at the moment (that don’t get on the radio). No grand design … wherever we are at. Some of the random stuff we have at the moment could be the most exciting.”

Not much of a preview, but he does claim the lyrics will be “terrifying.”