New Keane Video – “Spiralling”

Rest assured I am the only person on staff who loves this song. For their third album opener, English piano dudes Keane have crafted an explosive (for them) slice of synthpop, reminiscent of great singles by the Fixx. This makes “Spiralling” cheesy, yes, but also miles more fun than their plodding (but pleasant!) superballad you remember from Radio 2, VH1, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. No other track from the forthcoming Perfect Symmetry has caught my ear quite like “Spiralling,” despite its promise of production by Jon Brion and Stuart Price.

The geometry-inspired clip for this tune is, appropriately enough, totally eighties. Only singer Tom Chaplin appears, and he plays a Max Headroom-type broadcasting to percussionist robots and a sexy android reclining on a couch. According to Tim Rice-Oxley on the band’s website, “[Director] Andras Ketzer has perfectly represented the difference between the idealised dream and the dystopian reality of human existence.” I.e., he designed a rad screensaver.

Perfect Symmetry is out 10/14 on Interscope.

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