Sonic Youth To Play Gilmore Girls

Sonic Youth — who are opening this summer for Pearl Jam (ouch! … OK, I take back my misguided insult Ten Clubbers; it’s not like SY’s opening for Atreyu.) — visit Stars Hollow today to tape a cameo for the WB drama’s season finale. In the Gilmore episode, airing 5/9, Thurston, Kim, and daughter Coco (on shakers, awww) will perform an acoustic version of “What A Waste.” But first: Paul Anka.

“What A Waste” will be on SY’s upcoming album Rather Ripped, which Stereogum will rip and preview for you as soon as we get our grubby hands on it. (Though if you have the aforementioned track, you should e-mail it to us.)

In other teen drama news — despite Paul Scheer’s assertion that “If Seth Cohen had a blog Stereogum might be it!” — it’s actually been a while since we’ve talked about The O.C.. That’s ’cause of the surprising dearth of good tunes and Bait Shop bands lately. Tom Vek’s cameo lasted only 5 seconds … about as long as Marissa’s coke problem.