Checking In With Grizzly Bear & Final Fantasy

Checking In With Grizzly Bear & Final Fantasy

It’s new label, new album, new website time for the Grizzly Bear on the road.

Stereogum and the band go way back (to when it was Grizzly Cub) so whenever we write about ‘em, we make Ed do a little guest blogging.

We spoke (er, e-mailed) with Mr. Droste yesterday, who has been enjoying his posh London crib while the band opens shows for Final Fantasy — “pretty much the nicest guy ever,” says Ed. (Wouldn’t expect less from a guy who names his album He Poos Clouds.) Anyway, here’s Ed Grizzly’s note to y’all:

To my favorite blog readers, 4 realz. We just got into London and are a bit nervous about playing here as we’ve heard horror stories of the British being notoriously hard to please unless you are dance punk … however, luckily for us, our label is here and we get to play with our favorite band we’ve ever toured with (Final Fantasy). He sold the show out for us. His Canadian fans we played to were very nice, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that all will go well. I’m staying with a cousin in Hampstead which is incredibly nice; makes me feel like I’m living in the land of Mary Poppins, but is probably going to spoil us considering it’ll be couches from here on out for the rest of this month long Euro tour. So yeah, a new song, from the new album. I think Scott posted a live version from Sweden a few months back, but here is our album recording of it. I hope you all enjoy it.


Download the MP3 of “On A Neck, On A Spit” (from the forthcoming Yellow House) at (Pitchfork reviewed today.)

And for the curious, a cool cut from FF’s LP: 49% tribal, 49% orchestral, 2% scary screamy.
Final Fantasy – “Song Song Song” (MP3 Link Expired)

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