Soul Patrol

Soul Asylum reminds me of high school. A time, at the height of grunge, when a scuzzy guy in in a torn SpaghettiOs t-shirt could land Winona Ryder, the cover of Rolling Stone, and a gig at Clinton’s inauguration. Of course, it was an overplayed, unrepresentative ballad that put them on top, and did them in. Music fans know SA was a fairly cool college radio act for ten years before “Runaway Train” made ‘em perpetually uncool, despite the fact that you can’t really argue with the effectiveness of turning that video into a PSA for missing children. I wonder if Dave Pirner regrets the Grammy-winning Top Ten hit. Probably not, as the royalty checks allow him to buy t-shirts without holes in them.

I’m not actually a big Soul Asylum fan. The only songs I have in iTunes are “Can’t Even Tell” (Clerks!) and “Just Like Anyone” (Claire Danes!). But it’s with a mix of ’90s nostalgia and sadness over the passing of bassist Karl Mueller that I wouldn’t mind seeing The Silver Lining (out 7/11) have some impact with Generation MySpace. Unfortunately, I don’t think this song is gonna do it.

Soul Asylum – “Stand Up And Be Strong” (MP3 Link Expired)

The upside is it’s bland enough to land on Hilary’s iPod.

Wanna give ‘em another shot? You can stream “Bus Named Desire” here.

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