New Team9 – “Superchunk”

When it comes to mash-ups I prefer when only two tracks are mixed together; it’s just a cooler concept, especially when you hit on a couple of tunes that work so well (e.g., Mark Vidler’s “Daytrip To Never Never Land” MP3). That said, team9’s got a few winners in the new 27 mix Superchunk. It premiered on XFM’s The Remix on Sunday. Download the giant MP3 here or check the individual tracks (with team9’s commentary) below.

Hard Fi vs RHCP vs The Flying Lizards vs ABBA vs JayZ – “The Money Song” (MP3)
Hard Fi kindly sent me the vocals for this track with the intention of them turning up in a polished version of the ‘Clash Machine’ boot(see below). Things didnt work out like that and I’m sure they will regret sending them to me when they hear this. Already featured as mash up of the week on Live 105.

The Futureheads vs AC/DC – “Back To The End” (MP3)
The Futureheads latest single ‘Skip to the end ‘sounds so much like ACDC it would have been wrong of me not to have done this track. This version is the disco mix.

Metallica vs Inxs vs team9 – “Enter Never Never Land” (MP3)
I’ve been wanting to do a Metallica boot for a while now but Ashanti didnt really cut it holloring over the top. A better fit is Inxs via Par-t-one.

The Flaming Lips vs Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On, Yeah” (MP3)
How great are The Flaming Lips. Thats not a question really. The wonderful ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah song’ with Marvin Gayes ‘Whats going on’ over the top. As usual, some cheap squelchy synths and tinny beats fill the track out a little.

The Arctic Monkeys vs team9 – “Kick Me Out (Version 9)” (MP3)
The second version of this track now with added strings, bass and synths. Nearly as bad as the first version but now with more shit thrown over the top.

Hard Fi vs Madness – “Better Do Better Girl” (MP3)
Another track that Hard Fi gave me the vocals for. This time mixed up with the classic Madness song ‘My Girl.’

The Infadels – Love Like Semtex (team9 remix)” (MP3)
This was initially done as an entry for the remix contest over on the Infadels page. I’m not expecting it to win so here tis.

Robbie Williams vs Air Supply – “Advertisment Break” (MP3)
Robbie via electro beats, nice fat bass and 70s MOR track ‘All out of love’ by Air Supply. I have no idea how this one came togther but it was fun to make.

More team9 here. Got any good new mash-ups?

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