The Boy Least Likely To Cover George Michael

The band least likely to cover “Faith” explains its choice. (Via

“the idea was put forward to us to record a cover version of a song by an artist from the nineteen eighties. and we had a go at doing geno by dexy’s midnight runners, but it sounded rubbish. and we had a go at doing a couple of other things but none of them seemed to work. we were [sic] just sat around scratching our heads and twiddling our thumbs, and then amanda applewood suggested trying faith by george michael and we laughed at her as usual. but then we did try it, just to humour her more than anything. and it was weird. it sounded like us. somehow. it sounded like the boy least likely to. we put some recorders on it and some banjos and some hand claps. and that was it really. nothing else needed.”

Listen to George Michael’s twee makeover…

The Boy Least Likely To – “Faith” (MP3)

I bet George likes this one more than Limp Bizkit’s version.