New James Figurine Video – “Apologies”

Stereogum loves the laidback laptop pop of remix addict James Figurine. James AKA Jimmy Tamborello AKA Dntel AKA half the Postal Service has a cute new video for “Apologies” he’s letting us share via Stereogum YouTube.

Jimmy tells Stereogum:

“It’s by the same guy who did a video for the Figurine song ‘IMpossible.’ He lives in Germany so I had to videotape myself lip syncing to the song with pieces of black tape attached to my face so he could enter it into the computer.”

Sounds annoying. But could’ve been worse.

Here’s a link (MPG) to the Figurine video Jimmy is talking about.

MSTK MSTK MSTK MSTK is out 7/11.