Pantha Du Prince – “Stick To My Side” (Feat. Panda Bear) Video

“Why stick to the things I have already tried?” Pair Pantha Du Prince’s high profile Panda Bear collab with Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp” and 2010’s shaping up as the year of indie rock self-help jams. (I’ll leave the think piece to someone else.) Speak up for yourself son, go get out of your comfort zone, uproot yourself. And as we all know(?), the single most reckless activity an anthropomorphic tree could engage in is a late night dance party around a campfire. Quite literally uprooting, pretty much the first lesson learned at anthropomorphic tree kiddie care. (“What is this, a school for ents?? — Zoolander) But here’s Pantha Du Prince, who’s on a head-turning tear lately — booking that Panda pairing, only to trump it with the end-to-end, clinically sculpted/endlessly loopable minimal house awesomeness that is the Black Noise LP — doing it again by releasing a video featuring a dude dressed as an evergreen who eats some grub then goes out late night to dance around a campfire. Unexpectedly goofy. But as far as Noah’s opening lyric of the song, Mr. Evergreen cutting loose by a pit of flames is the definition of the definition.

(via P4K)

Black Noise is out via Rough Trade. While you’re stuck to sides, try the Walls remix.