Embrace 0, Kasabian 0

When they’re not causing a riot in Stuttgart, English football fans take this World Cup shit pretty seriously. But here at Stereogum, we call it soccer, and we’re much more interested in the soundtrack. So let’s try to get this straight…

Embrace’s “World At Your Feet” is the official theme?

Embrace – “World At Your Feet (Oakenfold Radio Edit)” (MP3 Link Expired)

But Kasabian’s uninspired Bowie cover has become the unofficial theme?

Kasabian – “Heroes” (MP3 Link Expired)

Then there’s Ricky’s “But We Are England,” but you can’t play that on the radio? So they’ve split?

What about “Cup Your Balls”?

Bit dodgy innit? Maybe you readers across the pond can help sort out why Ghana rocks so much harder than you.

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