Brandon Flowers Wants To Beat Emo Bands To Death

When we last checked in with Brandon Flowers, he was polishing up “one of the best albums of the last twenty years” and growing a moustache.

Since the Bravery aren’t worth feuding with anymore, Brandon continues to run his mouth off about Fall Out Boy. The Killer shares an incovenient truth with NME readers:

“You don’t realize what you could be getting yourselves into, with Fall Out Boy, and what kind of impact it could have in a way that you don’t really want. … Culturally, if it gets as big as it is in America, it could change an entire generation of people growing up here. Emo, pop-punk, whatever you want to call it, is dangerous. We don’t wanna dislike anyone, and we’ve still never met Fall Out Boy, but there’s a creature inside me that wants to beat all those bands to death. They just all go into the happy emo funnel and everyone loves ‘em without thinking. ‘Oh, Fall Out Boy likes you? Fuck! I’m gonna go buy your CD!'”

You guys are gonna have fun with THAT one, I know.

Pete Wentz probably won’t be taking Brandon to Nobu anytime soon, but Laura will keep us posted.

“Happy Emo Funnel.” That’s my new imaginary band name.

UPDATE: James at MTV News got a response from Petey:

“I kinda like how he called Fall Out Boy ‘dangerous.’ It felt like how Ice called Maverick ‘dangerous’ in ‘Top Gun.’ The whole thing kind of feels like one of those D.A.R.E. commercials. I kind of think of it this way: How could you feel like a superhero if you didn’t have an arch-nemesis?

Besides, we get Brandon’s family and friends into Fall Out Boy shows when we play his hometown. It must be very ‘dangerous.’ I believe they came to the show in Salt Lake City, but I did not meet them. They were on the list, though.”