Margot’s Sick Of The Arcade Fire Bullshit

Each Note Secure talks to Indianapolis indie rockers M&TNSAS.

ENS: So, would it be an insult to say you guys are a poor man’s Arcade Fire?

ANDY: No, it’s not an insult…

RICHARD (TO ANDY): Yeah it is!

ENS: The poor man part?

ANDY: No, the Arcade Fire part…

RICHARD: I mean, you know, I just don’t see the fucking connection. I like that band, but there are so many bands in this world that have more than four people, you know. I see these music critics saying stuff like, “It’s the Arcade Fire because it came out after the Arcade Fire.” But you know, we were making this record before we even heard the Arcade Fire.

I like them a lot, don’t get me wrong, but we get this Arcade Fire bullshit, they’ve been around a year and have one record with ten songs on it. The reason it pisses me off I guess is because I sometimes feel like it just kind of devalues what we are doing. I mean come on, we sound nothing like them. I didn’t grow up listening to indie rock, I didn’t grow up listening to the Talking Heads. I like Paul Simon and stuff like that.

Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s – “On A Freezing Chicago Street” (MP3 Link Expired)

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