New Stephen Malkmus – “METS To Infinity”

This previously unreleased cut is from the new annual comp for the 3rd Annual PDX Pop Now! Music Festival, a free, three-day event taking place July 28-30, at Loveland in Portland.

The double CD also has unreleased tracks from the Thermals, Menomena, and Viva Voce, among others, and will be available for only $7 next month at Portland indie record stores (and online).

Malkmus’ cut is pretty weird. In fact, it may give you nightmares. But hey, it’s Stephen Malkmus! Or, rather, “Stefan Malkmoose,” as it’s now pronounced in my head.

Stephen Malkmus – “METS To Infinity” (MP3 Link Expired)

Here’s a pic from the Jicks performance at Bonnaroo.

I didn’t see Steve’s whole set ’cause I wanted to catch the end of Son Volt at The Other Tent, but Malk did return to the stage a few hours later to join Sonic Youth for “Expressway to Yr. Skull.” Reuniting him with former Pavement bassist Mark Ibold!

A rumor promptly started at

also backstage, not to start rumors, but i heard malkmus talking to mark ibold and saying “man we should get back together, we shud get back together and do some shows”

fucking history was made.

The message’s since been removed. But since when do we believe posts on indie rock boards anyway?

SY started their set with a loooooooong spoken introduction from Thurston. “What’s the deal with the American Spirits here,” he mused. “They’re free? I’m thinking of starting smoking again…” (Um, they’re free in THE ARTIST’S TENT Thurston, not for the sweaty hippies!)

After the first song he apologized for talking so much at the beginning. Malkmus, he said, had told him to talk to the fans more.

Here’s some video I YouTubed for you. Some photographer sticks his elbow in front of me for a sec. Rock ‘n’ roll!