Suicide Is Painless

If Ane Brun just rocks too hard for you, check out Lady & Bird, the three-year old side-project of Keren Ann and Bardi Johanson that got a domestic release a few weeks ago.

It’s pretty damn sleepy, but does have one shining moment: a cover of “Suicide Is Painless.” The theme to M*A*S*H.

Now, this is a great song. One of the greatest TV songs ever. And it’s really sad, but will always make me laugh after what happened at South By Stereogum. We didn’t have DJs between sets, so I gave the Parish sound guy Air’s Deck Safari. It’s 4 CDs — plenty of songs to fill the time. But he put it on shuffle and kept restarting it after each set … so “Suicide Is Painless” played like ten times. It was the worst possible song to get a room of hipsters psyched for Thunderbirds Are Now! I left the CDs there by accident. Sucks ’cause they cost a lot of money.

Anyway, here’s Lady & Bird’s version of the tune and some others you might know.

Lady & Bird – “Suicide Is Painless” (MP3)
Johnny Mandel – “Suicide Is Painless” (MP3)
Marilyn Manson – “Suicide Is Painless” (MP3)