Kanye Hits LA For Jimmy Kimmel, 808’s Listening Party

KW put the Pontiac Garage on “Love Lockdown” yesterday, and if the audience doesn’t sound too enthusiastic it’s because the on-air performance was his third take. (He performed “Champion” and “Good Life” for the Kimmel crowd, too). West looks cool in his Sonny Crockett outfit, but despite the infamous Auto-Tune, he sounds off-key on verses. Of course, when Kanye sings off-key, he sings off-key Best In The World SQUID BRAINS!! After the performance, he held a listening party for 808’s & Heartbreak at Ace Gallery with Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft. Fader attended and reports that the album is sung almost entirely through Auto-Tune. And sounds like Adult.

“LL” and a live clip of “Heartless” are all most of us have heard from the LP. 808’s & Heartbreak is out 11/25, though, so expect a Premature Evaluation sometime in the next three weeks.