Rhymefest Samples The Strokes

Read a number of negative reviews for Rhymefest’s major label debut, but Blue Collar has its moments. Kanye’s featured on a few tracks (Rhymefest co-wrote “Jesus Walks”), and there’s a standout cameo from the late ODB on a fun hip-hop version of “Build Me Up Buttercup” (Dirt McGirt warbles the chorus in his sloppy off-key drawl, and like all great Ol’ Dirty songs it’s hilarious). Elsewhere, the Chicago rapper and producer Mark Ronson borrow the familiar hook from Harry Nilsson’s “One” and digitally manipulate the Strokes’ “Someday” riff for a funny meditation on payin’ da bills.

Rhymefest – “Devil’s Pie” (MP3)

“I’m ahead of my time/But behind on my rent … Asked Kanye for money/Just to pay for my gas bill.”

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