It’s Not A Sellout If Nobody Buys It

“Katherine Schell melted the ski slopes of Colorado, rocked out at the South by Southwest festival and serenaded NASCAR and Major League Baseball fans on national television with her rendition of the national anthem.”

The blurb isn’t from a press release, but from eBay, where the songwriter is premiering her new publicity stunt.

In the first auction of its kind, she’s selling the rights to her “hit” (?) song “The Gravity Situation.”

The highest bidder reserves the exclusive right to use “The Gravity Situation” in a commercial format for one year.

About The Song:

“The Gravity Situation,” a versatile contemporary love song, is a combination of poetic prose and philosophical meaning. It has been described by national music critics as a soft, soothing and airy rendition to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

Katherine Schell – “The Gravity Situation” (MP3)

After one day, bidding is up to $305. No ‘Buy It Now’ unfortunately — I wonder what kind of windfall she expects. Kathy has 0 feedback, so caveat emptor. But then again: free shipping!