Bare’s Eleven

On March 26th, alt-country singer/songwriter Bobby Bare Jr. recorded his new album The Longest Meow in 11 hours.

The core band of Bobby, Carl and Patrick from My Morning Jacket, and co-producer Brad Jones was joined by Carey Kotsionis, Mike Grimes, Corey Younts, Jim James (MMJ), Doni Schroader (Trail Of Dead), Deanna Varagona (Lambchop), and Ben Martin (Clem Snide). That’s 11 musicians.

The album has 11 songs.

We’re not sure about the gimmick. But we love MMJ.

Bare tells Billboard:

“Originally, I wanted to do the whole album in an hour. When I do it really short like this, I get to listen to my own record and really love it, because I haven’t really heard that much.”

Here’s a preview:

Bobby Bare Jr. – “Snuggling World Championships” (MP3)

Nice title. Don’t worry, it’s not cuddlecore. But it is as close as you’re gonna get to a MMJ studio record this year.

The Longest Meow hits stores 9/26. It’s so good they couldn’t wait until 11/11.

And speaking of MMJ, official video of the band’s amazing Bonnaroo set is finally online:

  • “One Big Holiday”
  • “Dondante”
  • “Worldless Chorus”