We’ve Been Had

If you visited Stereogum on Thursday night/Friday morning, you saw this:

Kids, I wrote that. The intention wasn’t to punk the blogosphere — what hacker correctly uses ‘whom’ and posts a Bob Dylan MP3? — but to amuse you while we were pwned. I see how it would appear a hacker wrote it. Sorry for the confusion. (Well, not that sorry. Gawker love’s hard to find if you’re not Crazy ‘Us Weekly’ Guy™.)

The truth is our server was “compromised.” Whatever the fuck that means. That’s what our hosting company said. Almost certainly the work of a bot leeching on our RAM. Or the person sending nasty missives from Firecrotch’s CrackBerry. Or someone who hates indie rock a cappella. Huge thanks to StereoJim for getting us back up. Thank him if you see him. He lives in Brooklyn.

While we’re TKOB …

1. If you ordered a Stereogum t-shirt and haven’t received it yet, I promise you will get it soon. I’m really sorry about the delay. We ran out of some sizes and inventory arrival took longer than expected. We’re almost all sold of out black. What color do you want next?

2. ATTN Advertisers! We’ve parted ways with our friends at IndieClick (“just friends” now) and are serving banners in-house (you probably noticed the nifty new 300×250 too). If you wanna talk rates e-mail ads at stereogum dot com.

3. Publicists, label peeps, MySpace cadets who sent us links … please bear with us. We know we’ve got some catch-up to play on the content side.

Finally, here’s your reward for sticking it out. The world premiere of the first cut from Yo La Tengo’s thoroughly awesome I’m Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass (9/12).

It’s the legit version, no early fade out!

Yo La Tengo – “Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind” (MP3) [Permanent link backup, Matador’s server was down for a bit.]

Ira, Georgia and James hit the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre (!) on 9/29. Tickets on sale Monday at noon.

Did you really think I’d pick SUFJAN as a password? C’mon people!