Wuss Fuss

Follow up on that AOL list of wussiest songs.

1. I forgot to mention you can hear all 111 songs on AOL’s Wuss Radio. You wish you though of that Sirius!

2. Two of my favorite comments so far…

  • “Erm, i’m a bit surprised that Wonderful Tonight is on there, but not Tears in Heaven lol”

    Is that you Anton?!

  • “Most of those songs were made to be wussy–a quarter of them are bubblegum pop. I’d be more impressed if they came up with a list of songs that had every intention of being tough but ended up being soft.”

    Good point Kim. Your theoretical list would almost certainly have this at #1.

    And no I don’t wanna talk about Michael Bay’s Transformers movie. I was a GoBots boy.