Crooked Rain People Can Slam A Cock

The A.V. Club asks Daily Show correspondent Rob Corrdry to do the iPod Shuffle…

Pavement, “Stereo”
Oh wow, I’m awesome. Brighten The Corners? I would argue, the best Pavement record. The Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain people can slam a cock, because this is the best. I miss Pavement. I went and saw Stephen Malkmus live a couple years ago. Terrible. He’s a jam band now. There was this guy in the front row who wouldn’t stop asking Malkmus, “What’s up with the Jicks?” He kept saying, “Steve, what’s up with the Jicks?” And my friend Jason started yelling, “Esteban, que pasa los Jicks?” Needless to say, he did not answer us. Not a good show, though I got very drunk.

I don’t see how you can like “Stereo” and be so negative about SM’s first solo album. Lou Barlow, Weezer, and Low pop up on Rob’s iPod next. Read the whole thing here.

Stephen Malkmus – “Jo Jo’s Jacket” (MP3)

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