Holy Ghost Language School/Winter Women Watercooler

On 8/8, Fiery Furnaceman Matthew Friedberger delivers two solo records, Holy Ghost Language School and Winter Women. If you’re thinking “concept album!” you’re half right.

Matty told Pitchfork:

“[Holy Ghost] is a story record, [about] a guy from Chicago [who] goes and starts a business school for English in Japan that operates by xenolalia, you know, to do the business transactions. So they get the Holy Ghost and start speaking in tongues to negotiate.”

Oooookay. And the other one?

“There’s a lot of guitar solos, I guess.”

Matthew Friedberger – “The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter” (MP3)
From Winter Women

Matthew Friedberger – “Do You Like Blondes?” (MP3)
From Holy Ghost Language School

When it comes to Friedberger, I suspect a lot of indie snobs confuse “eccentric” with “genius,” but on these solo discs there is some accessible pop to be found. I agree with Fluxblog’s instructions:

Winter Women is actually a pretty good record for people who aren’t that into the Furnaces. It’s a lot milder for the most part, closer to being normal.

I really really really recommend listening to one album at a time – if you try to absorb both simultaneously like I did it’s a mess and a chore and not nearly as fun/rewarding. Seriously, just spend some time with Winter Women and come back to Holy Ghost in a couple months.

Listen to one or both albums here and tell us if it’s a chore or a score.