Talking ‘Bout Girl Talk

Thousands of music bloggers simultaneously orgasmed when Night Ripper promos came in the mail. Even MTV News is listening to Girl Talk.

Am I the only one who’s … just not that into them?

The premise is promising in theory — what if all the songs on your Nano got their 1s and 0s crossed? — but the execution is bit seizure-inducing; just when Greg Gillis hits on a beatfuck I dig, he switches gears. If I was at a club and I heard Night Ripper it would be time to hang the DJ.

Did DJ Z-Trip & DJ P not present this gimmick more masterfully on Uneasy Listening, Volume One? Six years ago?

Here’s some of Girl Talk’s illegal art:

Girl Talk – “Hold Up”
Girl Talk – “Bounce That” (MP3)

Bet you guys thought I’d love it. Tell me if I’m right or if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.