Buckingham’s Back

Lindsey Buckingham finally releases a new album, Under The Skin, on 10/3. He tells USA Today

[It’s] kind of a reduction. There are basically no drums, very little bass. On a musical level, I’ve been trying to distill things. This is the best time in my life, and that’s a great thing to be able to say when you’re 56, and didn’t become a father till you were 48.

He plans another ?more rocking? album next year and (finally) a solo U.S. tour. ?It’s a turnaround, time-frame-wise, for someone who’s been sort of the Terrence Malick of rock,? he admits.

I’d say. I’ve been waiting for a follow-up to Out Of The Cradle for 14 years. Good news about the drums too, ’cause the programmed beats on his last album were sorta lame. But give this guy a Rick Turner Model 1 and his Travis picking will blow your mind.

Lindsey Buckingham – “Big Love (Live)” (MP3)
Lindsey Buckingham – “All My Sorrows” (MP3)
Lindsey Buckingham – “Shut Us Down” (MP3)

(And here’s the song you know from that Chevy Chase movie…)

Lindsey Buckingham – “Holiday Road” (MP3)

Sorry, geeked out there for a bit. We now return to your regularly scheduled indie rock. I hope there’s at least one Buckingham fan out there. Although my level of enthusiasm is probably not healthy.