Someone Still Loves You Jyoti Mishra

Never thought we’d hear from the mysterious White Town again. As a chubby, Indian, ex-Marxist, Jyoti Mishra was an unlikely candidate for hitmaker in 1997. But his gender-bending synth-pop gem “Your Woman” — which sampled a haunting, sixty-five-year-old trumpet sample from Lew Stone — became a college radio staple. For a few months at least. He was swiftly dropped by EMI and has been doing god-knows-what for the last ten years.

White Town – “Your Woman” (MP3)

Now forty, Mishra has a new single, and … it’s not bad. He’s dropped the beats for hand-claps, and the politics for lovey-dovey poetry, but I dig the twee B&S/Russian Futurists vibe.

White Town – “A New Surprise” (MP3)

These days Mishra tends more towards anarcho-syndicalism, but still believes “Marx has the only sensible analysis of society and economics,” according to his blog. Interesting guy. Weird to think even White Town blogs about Mel Gibson and that Liquids On A Plane Boinger.