Jessica Simpson Hearts Led Zeppelin

VH1 Radio on Westwood One brings us an interesting revelation about Jessica Simpson, who can often be seen in In Touch wearing overpriced vintage rock tees. Apparently, it’s not just a fashion statement.

JESSICA SIMPSON: ?I feel like I always retreat back to the live Led Zeppelin record to be honest with you. ‘Since I?ve Been Loving You’ the live version on How The West Was Won is my all-time favorite song. ?Going to California? and ?Stairway To Heaven? … they are so many things you can take from that Led Zeppelin album that make you ? I don?t know ? conquer the world (laughs).?

Surprising, but not shocking. Who doesn’t like “Going To California”?

Firecrotch on the other hand … do you think she can name one Journey song?

Journey – “Don’t Stop Believing” (MP3)