Charles Hamilton Drops Another Mixtape

Harlem-via-Cleveland’s Charles Hamilton has been polarizing blog comments sections for a few months now. The self-promotional, self-referential rapper is halfway through a three month blog tour that finds him releasing eight, DJ Skee-assisted mixtapes “in an effort to reach close to two million unique visitors combined instead of thousands potentially going city to city.” He’s a blogger, too (the self-proclaimed “best blogger alive” in fact), and diligently maintains his Facebook/Twitter/MySpace/YouTube. Along with his irreverence and prolificness, this social networking finesse makes Charles a poster-boy for Web 2.0 hip-hop. The kid’s also turned the requisite rap alter-ego into a joke by adopting a Sonic The Hedgehog avatar on all his releases. Reviewers have generally praised CH’s laid-back flow, though it’s hard to get a legit read since the top eight hip-hop blogs are hosting his publicity tour. Anyway! Did I mention he samples Lykke Li? Tori Amos? And the Clash song that M.I.A. sampled? I thought you might be curious about those.

From Staff Development (download at Nah Right), this samples “Caught A Lite Sneeze,” which is inspired even if the end result is a bit “Chocolate Rain”y.

Charles Hamilton – “Anti-Bullying Zone” (MP3)

Sped up Lykke, from It’s Charles Hamilton (download at 2dopeboyz), is better.

Charles Hamilton – “Starchasers” (MP3)

The L Word mixtape is available for download starting today at Xclusiveszone. More at