Name Chris Walla’s Band!

DCFC guitarist and Barsuk go-to-producer Chris Walla has announced his first solo effort since Martin Youth Auxiliary.

  • A new song is up. It’s a cover of an excellent Clinic song called ‘Distortions’.

  • Barsuk has agreed to release my as-yet-unrecorded album in March of 2007. I may end up with a band name after all. Please send ideas along if you have them; I’m undecided about the whole thing.

  • The band that will tour with me behind this record is starting to come together also. Shaking with excitement!

  • Buy ‘Oh No’ by OK Go here if you haven’t already.

    Out swiftly, Jack!

    - Christopher Walla

  • Here’s that Clinic song:

    Christopher Walla – “Distortions” (MP3)