Saosin Hate From First To Last, Panic!, Probably Dylan

Stereogum has never heard of ANY of these bands (except Panic!). But we like a good fight scene (scene fight?). Laura, can you fill us in?

From Absolute Punk’s Q&A with “post-screamo” (?!) band Saosin.

I was going to ask you ? what bands can you not fucking stand?
All: From First to Last.
Alex: We fucking hate that band, and you can print that. They?re on our label. I think they?re so clichéd.
Cove: For the record, I think Sonny is a nice guy. You can say Cove thinks Sonny is a nice guy.
Justin: I am not saying they are shitty guys, I am saying their band sucks. There is a big difference.

Didn?t you produce their first record?
Beau: I remixed their record. It came out and sounded like dogshit. So Brett at Epitaph asked me to remix it for them. The re-released it and didn?t even put my name in the credits. They kept the old mixer?s name in the credits. It was kind of a bum out. I thought there was a couple good songs by them on that record, and then I produced a song from them on the Smartpunk comp, but the new album by them just blows.
Cove: They had about four or five good songs.
Justin: You know how we were talking about the scene thing? That is the kind of band that is going to be here today, gone tomorrow.
Alex: And our A&R guy at Capitol is the guy that signed them. We gave him so much shit about that.
Beau: Especially because we were going to sign with Epitaph, we decided not to sign with them so they signed From First to Last. And then we signed with Capitol and it seems like they kind of followed. It has kind of bummed me out that I did that stuff for them, and that is what happened. Another reason I am not so sure about them is that they were saying that we sucked and that they hated us. And I was wondering what we ever did to them.

That is pretty bad when From First to Last is saying that you guys suck. That is low.
Justin: And we are pretty much the most normal band out there. We don?t have a bunch of red eyeliner on. We?re not super-eccentric. We?re pretty normal dudes. I have tattoos and that is about as far as it goes. It is not like we are easy targets.

It?s not like you go out of your way to piss bands off.
Justin: Exactly. That is what got us here. We would make friends with good bands and they would take us out. We got on some killer tours because bands have been cool to us.

Any other bands?
Alex: I don?t like Aiden.
Justin: Aiden are nice dudes.
Beau: Yeah they really are awesome dudes.
Justin: But yeah Panic and the whole Fueled By Ramen type of shit.
Beau: It is kind of how Drive-Thru was for a while.
Justin: Everyone who is cool to us, we are pretty cool to them.

Nice balls on that interviewer! What bands do you hate?Yeah, that band totally said you suck.Who else do you hate?That’s it? You sure?