New Califone – “Spider’s House”

Chicago rustic-rock quartet Califone (né Red Red Meat) has a new album, Roots & Crowns, out on 10/10. Stereogum’s especially psyched to exclusively premiere this cut ’cause it marks a vast departure from Heron King Blues. R&C’s brighter and more experimental in its instrumentation.

Tim Rutili explains:

?Some of these songs started as hummed melodies into my cell phone recorder while I was driving. Others were triggered by overheard conversations, loops brought in from home, field recordings or sounds we made in the studio before the tape was rolling. We took our time to shape and manipulate a more experimental collage of sounds into solid melodies and more concise song structures.?

?Spider?s House? was apparently written on a piano with duct tape and paper clips on its wires. It’s got a Mercury Rev/Apple Venus-era XTC vibe.

Califone – “Spider’s House” (MP3)

You dig?

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