Pit Er Pat Cover Sade

We have to wait until 10/10 for Pyramids, the next full-length from Chicago post-rock trio Pit Er Pat. Fay, Butchy, and Rob had so much fun recording Pyramids, they stuck around the studio to take a stab at a hit from smooth jazz/R&B songbird Sade.

The band tells Stereogum:

The nights were hot. Times were tough but we were feeling good. Good People all over our city were feeling bad. “Feel No Pain” makes you feel good about feeling bad. We had just finished recording Pyramids and wanted to continue recording right away. We were really feeling this song so we just went for it, It was recorded at our home in Humboldt Park. Our walls are so thin that we felt connected to the neighborhood while recording and if you listen close you can hear the neighborhood a little.

This won’t appear on Pyramids. A Stereogum exclusive:
Pit Er Pat – “Feel No Pain” (MP3 link removed)

The original for compare/contrast sake:
Sade – “Feel No Pain” (MP3 link removed)

And while we’re talkin’ indie rock Sade covers, here’s a beauty:
Beachwood Sparks – “By Your Side” (MP3 link removed)

Man I loved that cover. Now it just makes me think of that scene from Sex & The City.