New Eddie Van Halen Porn!

Porn music that is. Not a sex tape with Kid Rock.

Thanks Flaunting It for pointing us to the two songs Eddie Van Halen’s composed for Sacred Sin, Michael Ninn’s forthcoming adult film we talked about last month.

“I’m working with a friend – very simple. I like his work. Michael Ninn is like Spielberg to me: the imagery, the way he makes things look, just sensual,” Eddie explained.

Eddie Van Halen – “Catherine” (MP3)
Eddie Van Halen – “Rise” (MP3)

Seriously, check ‘em out. It’s the best stuff Eddie’s done since never. Actually I haven’t heard Van Halen 3, so you’ll have to tell me how these tunes stack up. “Catherine” sounds more Lifetime Original Movie than porn soundtrack, but at least it’s not bluegrass.

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