The Rapture “Get Myself Into It” Live

Post-VMAs we headed to Gotham Hall for a live set from The Rapture. The event was sponsored by Virgin Wireless, which explains why bags of pennies were handed out to clubgoers. We waited in line for a long time, but (due to the justification of effort principle) once we hit the half-hour mark, we waited it out. And it was worth it. The beloved dance-punkers took the stage shortly after midnight (which means this video is from today … yay Internet) and we were front and center. Here’s the setlist:

If “Get Myself Into It” isn’t the song of the summer, it’s certainly our pick for song of Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy:

After The Rapture wrapped up, DJ Diplo graced the stage with his MacBook madness, working through impromptu party jams and well-worn indie rock remixes. And when it came time to spin his MIA collabs, Diplodocus opted to bring out his ex-flame in the flesh! Crowd went nuts; MIA may be tiny but, when she’s rockin’ the mic, she’s nothing but fierce. (And, it got us pretty juiced for her follow up to the awesome Arular.) Sample some Diplo with his take on Ray Charles’s classic cut:

Ray Charles – “I Got A Woman” (Diplo Remix) (MP3)

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