Papa Roach Vs. Pete Wentz

Bassist Tobin Esperance and drummer Dave Buckner of Papa Roach (remember them?) have some beef with Ashlee Simpson’s new beau. Via Pop World

What do you think of bands such as Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance?
DAVE: I love My Chem. Fall Out Boy, there’s a little bit of an issue between me and Pete Wentz.

DAVE: Oh yeah. That motherfucker better hope he can afford security his whole life ?cos I will be there the day he’s not there. I will be there, around the corner, ready to mop the floor with his fucking little ass.

DAVE: Yeah. I love My Chem, and I love the rest of Fall Out Boy, but Pete Wentz… little fucker.

What annoys you so much about him?
DAVE: Oh he’s a fucking ponce.

Wow, these guys hate FOB more than Brandon Flowers does! Laura, did Petey seem concerned for his safety last night?

Also, from the same interview:

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s attempts at music careers. Thoughts?
TOBIN: I think good luck.
DAVE: I’ve actually met and hung out with Paris, and she’s a really cool chick.