Four Tet Remixes

Kieran Hebden writes on

On the 25th September Domino records will be releasing a compilation of Four Tet remixes. It will be a 2 cd set… The first cd will be my favourite of the remixes that I have done up until the end of last year for other artists, and the second cd will be all the remixes to date that other people and myself have done of Four Tet tracks. The tracklisting for this release is:

CD1 (remixes)
1. Lars Horntveth – Tics (Four Tet remix)
2. Radiohead – Skttrbrain (Four Tet remix)
3. Madvillain – Money folder (Four Tet remix)
4. His Name is Alive – One year (Four Tet remix)
5. Sia – Breathe me (Four Tet remix)
6. Aphex Twin – Untitled (Four Tet remix)
7. Madvillain – Great day (Four Tet remix)
8. Bonobo – Pick up (Four Tet remix)
9. Rothko – Roads become rivers (Four Tet remix)
10. Beth Orton – Carmella (Four Tet remix)
11. Bloc Party – So here we are (Four Tet remix)
12. Pole – Heim (Four Tet remix)

CD2 (remixed)
1. A joy (Percee P version)
2. As serious as your life (Jay Dee remix)
3. Hilarious movie of the 90’s (Manitoba remix)
4. Hilarious movie of the 90’s (Koushik’s funny flic)
5. A joy (remix)
6. My angel rocks back and forth (Icarus remix)
7. A joy (Battles remix)
8. As serious as your life (remix)
9. A joy featuring Percee P (Koushik’s quick mix)
10. Sun drums and soil (Sa Ra Creative Partners remix)
11. First thing/Chia (Isambard Khroustaliov remix)
12. No more mosquitoes (Boom Bip remix)

Upcoming Four Tet remixes: Steve Reich, Aluminium and The Longcut.

Here’s a cool cut from CD2:
Four Tet – “As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix)” (MP3)