New Tom Waits – “Bottom Of The World”

From the three CD Orpans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards (11/21 on Anti). Waits says:

?Orphans are rough and tender tunes. Rhumbas about mermaids, shuffles about trainwrecks, tarantellas about insects, madrigrals about drowning. Scared, mean, orphans songs of rapture and melancholy. Songs that grew up hard. Songs of dubious origin rescued from cruel fate and now left wanting only to be cared for. Show that you are not afraid and take them home. They don?t bite, they just need attention.?

This cut’s from the Brawlers CD.

Tom Waits – “Bottom Of The World” (MP3)

PFork believes this cut can be heard in the 2003 documentary Long Gone. So think of hobos as you listen.

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