Tom Kasabian: “Fuck Emo”

Kasabian, the biggest band in the world — the world of NME readers, that is — hates everyone. But Fueled By Ramen really gets Tom Meighan’s goat. He talks to MTV News:

“I keep hearing how emo music is bringing kids together and that it’s got these positive messages and all that, but if it’s damaging teenagers and if it’s making them depressed, how can that be a good thing? All it causes is moaning teenagers. There’s nothing positive from it. People tell me it’s doing something for the kids, but all it’s doing is making them moan all the time.

It may upset people, but emo is dead in my eyes. Fuck emo. Just enjoy the world. Teenagers are better than that, man. I want to tell them to be positive about life. You’ve been brought up well by your parents, so don’t sit around in your bedroom cutting your wrists. Grow up.

We’ve got unfinished business to do here in America, and we’re coming around to do it. This country is so big, and we’ve got to work so hard. But it’s just great to have a new record, man, and to show it to you American people. We’re not finished yet.

We called the record Empire [because] we’ve been using the word for many years now to describe things we think are great: a pair of shoes, a pair of boobs, a good CD — that is empire. And so to call your record Empire, it’s like Never Mind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols: It can upset a lot of people, but it suits a band of our stature. And I think it’s really brilliant, honestly.”

Phew. For someone who hates emo, he sure whines a lot. Get this dude a livejournal.

And the £1 million question: Will Kasabian break in America?! All answers point to … not if Clay Aiken has anything to say about it.

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