New Sufjan Stevens – “Her Majesty’s Snowbird” (And Town Hall Pics)

New Sufjan Stevens – “Her Majesty’s Snowbird” (And Town Hall Pics)

Stereogum-snapper Adam headed to Town Hall on Friday where Sufjan Stevens kicked off a three-night residency, showing off some new tunes and some fancy wings. After My Brightest Diamond’s opening set, Mr. Indie Rock Hottie 2005 and his backing band, the “Magical Butterfly Brigade,” offered up an awe-inspiring, orchestral set. Said Adam:

The show itself was fantastic. There was a big screen displaying footage for every song Flaming Lips-style. For “Metropolis” the giant Superman S was projected while a bunch of inflatable supermen were tossed over the balcony onto everyone to toss about. Highlights of the show were “Predatory Wasp,” which came of incredibly well live, and the theme of their tour “Snowbird” which I hope someone grabs a recording of because it was great.

Someone did one better and grabbed a video of it — and it sounds fucking fantastic.

And for your iPod, here’s a live MP3 from a previous tour stop (via Rawkblog):

Sufjan Stevens – “Majesty Snowbird” (Live) (MP3)

Falsetto melodies, interweaving harmonic arrangements, orchestral bombast — it’s all in there. But at over nine minutes we have to ask: Who’s telling Soof and Joanna to double the length of their songs?

Celebs spotted at the show included Antony (of the Johnsons), John Norris (of MTV) and Parker Posey (formerly of Ryan Adams). And while Antony’s album is named I Am A Bird Now, we think Sufjan makes a stronger case. WINGS LOOK AWESOME, DUDE!

UPDATE: Town Hall MP3s at RySpace!

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