Springsteen Debuts Tune During NFL Halftime, Announces New Album

Sort of. If you recall, Bruce already did a version of “Working On A Dream” while stumping on the campaign trail in Ohio. This, though, is the first time the studio version was played alongside NFL highlights and made to look like Dire Straits’ “Walk Of Life” video. It showed up, in this snippet form, during the half time of last night’s NBC broadcast Cowboys-Redskins game. If you’re curious about the tie-in, remember the Boss is headlining this year’s Superbowl Halftime Show. It’s also a nice promotional spot for his new record.

The album version won’t include inspirational speeches from John Gruden. Speaking of which: Working On A Dream is out in January. He recorded the collection with the E Street Band. It’s a dozen new songs and two bonus tracks:

01 “Outlaw Pete”
02 “My Lucky Day”
03 “Working On A Dream”
04 “Queen of the Supermarket”
05 “What Love Can Do”
06 “This Life”
07 “Good Eye”
08 “Tomorrow Never Knows”
09 “Life Itself”
10 “Kingdom of Days”
11 “Surprise, Surprise”
12 “The Last Carnival”

Bonus tracks:
01 “The Wrestler”
02 “A Night With The Jersey Devil”

It’s his 24th album. While you wait for it, take another listen to “A Night With The Jersey Devil.”

Working On A Dream is out 1/27 via Columbia Records.