Late Night Guest Kanye Has To Pee Really Bad

If Kanye West looked uncomfortable answering Conan O’Brien’s questions last night, it wasn’t because he was nervous. This defense of Auto-Tune that came eight minutes into the interview should explain things…

“If I sing off-key it really points that out. It points out the bad notes. So I actually have to sing more perfect. But I use it because I like the electronic feel. I like the sound. I want to juxtapose Taiko drums and monk choirs with Auto-Tune. I deliver music like it’s art. I feel like I’m a Pop Artist. Sidebar: I have to use the bathroom really, really bad, and they didn’t give me enough time, I just wanted to tell you that.”

Cue awkward silence. I felt bad for him, but as Conan pointed it, it added a sense of urgency to what he was saying. Based on the dryness of Kanye’s khakis during the subsequent performance of “Heartless,” it looks like he got to use a restroom during Seth MacFarlane’s segment.



808s & Heartbreak is out now on Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam.