Foo Fighters Judge Top Chef

Thanksgiving can be nerve wracking for even the most skilled culinary experts. Even after you’ve successfuly de-boned a chicken and stuffed it inside a de-boned duck and stuffed that in a de-boned turkey, you still have to hang out with the family and try not to talk about politics. The Top Chef contestants have it tough too, because tonight they have to prepare a feast for the hungry men of Foo Fighters. As you know, last week Padma spit her lemon meringue martini into her napkin. The contestants can avoid a similar fate tonight if they just focus on the basics: fried anything and bacon in any form. Here’s a sneak preview.

My money’s on the guy in the “Bacon is a Vegetable” t-shirt. Top Chef with the Foos premieres tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.