Borat Watercooler

Last week, Borat made his musical debut on network television, with a stirring rendition of “You Be My Wife” (dedicated to Pam Anderson) on Late Night. It starts at 1:50, but watching it from the beginning isn’t gonna kill ya. Watch those fingers, too; we don’t play keytar, but we recognize legitimate keytar skills when we see ‘em. They may be making the motions to a backing track, but it looks like Sacha is a sick pianist (what can’t this dude do?!).

Between sets of our music marathon running, we barely had enough time to shower and watch LOST, so we’re looking to you to tell us how Borat was. Does it live up to the new media hype?

Either way, John Mayer’s on the scene with some of his blog thoughts:

…there will be a short window of time, from about 6pm on Friday to about 10pm on Sunday, when the film’s impact will sit in perfect equilibrium with both its mass appeal and its comic potency. “The hip eclipse”, let’s call it. I say 10pm because somewhere in Oxnard, CA, 7pm local time, a young Friday’s waiter will deliver a plate of Jack Daniel’s Chicken Strips and punctuate it with the phrase “You laaaaaaiik!!!!!”. This will be the first sign of the “Borat” outbreak – what will eventually be transmitted through contact with co-workers, on airplanes and in casinos, and GOOD LORD, in bars everywhere.

Borat impressionists will appear on youtube, and a home-made mega-mix of lines from the movie will be cobbled together by a 14 year old and placed incongruously atop a house drum beat. It will be an internet sensation. And while Dayton, Ohio greets it, the Lower East Side will have already eulogized it. If you don’t believe me when I say we will kill it by hugging it too hard, look at what happened to Brokeback Mountain – “I wish I could quit you” became a ready-mixed punch line for months, and it wasn’t even trying. (Even the word “brokeback” itself came to be an out of the box bon mot.) We’ve been waiting for the next “WAY!” and “NOT!” for a long time. And we’re about to get it in the form of “high five!” and “wa-wa-wee-wah!”

We’re with his reasoning, up until he tries to justify it:

“And if you’re still wondering what leg I have to stand on with this, just remember: I was truly hip for three weeks back in 2001.”

Honestly don’t remember those three weeks happening. Ever. But whatever — he’s still right! (Yeah, we link to J. May’s blog alot, but here’s the deal: We’ll stop linking to him when he stops being funny.)

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