Army Of Anyone – “Goodbye”

When the mood strikes us, we find ourselves in conversations about under-appreciated ’90s acts here at Stereogum HQ — acts including (but not limited to) Blind Melon and Stone Temple Pilots. And we (cautiously) proclaim that there’s good news for STP fans! The DeLeo Brothers — two of the best riffmakers of the grunge era — have moved on with a Velvet Revolver of their own; their “super-group” is called Army Of Anyone, and its vox are provided by Richard Patrick (of Filter and NIN).

Army Of Anyone – “Goodbye” (MP3 Link Expired)

This track is as much as we’ve heard of the group’s eponymous debut, and it’s cut from the STP canon for sure: The song unfolds with the sort of smart time shifts for which the Pilots were known; the chorus comes in the half-time grunge power ballad variety, then to a vintage DeLeo Bros segue riff, before Filter dude starts in with the Weiland-apeing. Check the video (YouTube); he’s even putting his hair like Scott W! Now he just needs needs that fancy drug habit, and the costume would be complete. Oddly enough, the riffage ends up sounding more like Velvet Revolver’s “Slither” than anything. Go fig.

But otherwise, it’s totally proficient (if entirely banal) grunge rock. And it’s the DeLeos, so they have our best wishes. Still, who listens to this stuff anymore? And that Richard dude comes off like a reality rockstar show winner. Who’s heard the rest of the record? Any good? Let us know.