The Thrillers

Well a good number of you guys fell in love with Cornell’s Billie Jean; sorry if we were too judgmental! We just have such fond Badmotorfinger memories. Maybe it takes a sensitive rocker dude for us to realize that MJ turned out some amazing pop compositions (’cause that’s what Chris Cornell has become). Sensitive rocker dude covers like this one:

Ben Gibbard – “Thriller” (MP3)

And one night at Roseland we saw David Mead open for Joe Jackson (hipster cred!), and he offered up an incredible take on another Jacko classico.

David Mead – “Human Nature” (MP3)

You can watch him do it live at a show in Nashville here (YouTube). Betcha didn’t know that “Human Nature” was co-written by the dude from Toto!

Anyway, how would you rate these two MJ covers? Anyone have others? (Alien Ant Farm is not an acceptable answer.) Colin Meloy should totally do “Smooth Criminal.” Wouldn’t that be a fine fit for The Crane Wife?

UPDATE Here’s a reader-submitted cover, by Neil Finn (who’s also working on his third solo studio effort). More info at HisSpace.

Neil Finn – “Billie Jean” (MP3)