Fed-Ex @ House Of Blues, Chicago 11/8/06

Our national treasure’s tour rolled into the midwest for a stop at Chicago’s House Of Blues last night. Unlike his Webster show, it wasn’t embarrassingly empty — but just like his Webster show, it was embarrassingly bad. Yeah, TMZ and Extra were there, but you wanna hear about it from a Stereogum reader, right? Well Greg was in attendance and posted this review:

Fan base made up of people who are making fun of K-Fed (ie dressed up like him),girls who think he is hot and only know ?Popo Zao,? actual fans and creepy white trash. i have never more so wanted to fight people at a concert, including some loser from tmz. this felt like seeing a show in the high school gym, except this time alcohol was being sold.

The place actually became somewhat crowded as the night went on. Could it be because of the free tickets?

Ok, so Kevin Federline. Terrible, i think it may have been worse than I thought it would be. here?s how the set went: perform 2 songs, leave the stage, have dj play some guaranteed popular rap songs to get the white kids jumpin?, perform 2 more songs, leave the stage, etc. He performed 7 songs in total. including ?Lose Control? for the encore. I guess when the majority of songs are about your ex-wife, you?re kind of fucked.

There were two backup dancers who appear to be winging it the whole time.

K-Fed said something along the affect of ?i?m checking out all these fine ladies, because i don?t know if you?ve heard, i?m a free man.? on another song, can?t remember which one, he said ex-wife. And I?m pretty sure I heard his hype man say ?Fed-Ex.? Oh, and the hype man also had us do some ?Fuck K-Fed? chants. How about that?

I really did not know what to expect, and sitting here hours later I really do not know what just happened. You expect a show to be awful with some entertainment value thrown in, but it may have just been strictly awful. Note to everyone attending any other K-Fed shows, drink around 15 beers beforehand. Wait, wait, wait. Drink 15 beers beforehand, pass out in an alley and get robbed by a hobo. Trust me, you?ll have a better time.

Sure, Greg’s a Stereogum reader and so we can reasonably assume his biases — but AP videos don’t lie. Have you heard, ladies? He’s single now! Get it while it’s good.