The Stars Align For Robert Zimmerman

Much as we try, we just can’t be everywhere at once, so we love it when you guys write in with your concert experiences. This one comes from Stereogum reader Steven, who hit the Music For Youth tribute last night at NYC’s Avery Fisher Hall. The show featured 22 artists who appeared in reverent tribute to Bob Dylan (including Patti Smith, Dylan’s old sideman Al Kooper, Tom Verlaine, Cat Power, Ryan Adams, CYHSY, et al), performing the Modern Times man’s classics to a charitable crowd; most tickets to the tribute clocked in at $125, but there will be no complaining when the dollars go to such a good cause (i.e. supporting music programs for underpivileged kids). Steven writes:

I attended the Music For Youth Dylan tribute/benefit last night at Avery Fisher Hall, it was insane. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures, but there were some amazing moments. Lee Renaldo covered “Positively 4th Street” with John Medeski on organ, Cat Power meandered around the stage while barely singing “house of the rising sun”. I didnt know the tune CYHSY played- The crowd was not too into either them or Cat Power. They were admittedly different from the rest of the night- Joan Osborne, Natalie Merchant, Phil Lesh.

Ryan Adams did in fact bring down the house though, covering “Isis” into “Love Sick” then back into Isis- giving it a very heavy 70’s stones ish feel. Some jackass in the crowd had to yell “summer of 69″ but I don’t think he was heard. Adams went way over his time limit of- 1 song per artist- and the stage hands seemed to rush him off. Patti Smith was amazing, closing the show- she had Tom Verlane in her band, then returned with Ramblin Jack Elliot for “Knockin on Heavens Door”.

The night was filled with highlights, Cindy Lauper sang backup vocals unannounced for Jill Sobule on “Ring Them Bells”, and Allan Tousant did an amazing solo version of “mama you’ve been on my mind” just an incredibly great show, the place was completely packed.

Ryan doing “Isis”? We need to hear that like NOW! Did he rap it? Definitely a special night, though the tribute may well have served as a celebration for that horrid musical being put out of its misery.