Win The Last Available Aluminium Vinyl

Fans of Stravinsky and Jack White (you know you’re out there), take note: Aluminium is your dream project. No, Jack White doesn’t have a hand in performing the music; in fact, his only involvement with the album was to say “I like” — and, of course, to have written the songs that appear on the record. See, Aluminium is a pomo, classical interpretation (by XL Records founder Richard Russell and British composer Joby Talbot) of Jack’s tunes. If you haven’t heard it yet, hit Alumiiinium to stream five of the songs.

The album was pressed in an extremely limited run of 3,333 CDs and 999 LPs. There are still a few CDs available (hit the site directly to purchase), but 998 LPs have been snatched, with only one awaiting a home. So, do you like vinyl? Jack White? Wacky string interpretations of indie rock gems? Well then you’re in luck! We’ve got the last Aluminium vinyl to give away, and it may just have your name on it.

To enter the Aluminium Vinyl Sweepstakes, post a comment telling us your fave Jack White song — as a Stripe, as a Raconteur, whatever — and tell us why. We’ll pick a winner at random on Monday 11/27 at 6PM EST, and that person will go on to be the envy of all of their post-modern classical vinyl-loving White Stripe-fan friends. They just don’t make bragging rights like that no more. (If you don’t get your hands on the LP or a physical CD, there’s hope yet; Aluminium is available at all the usual digital outlets [iTunes, eMusic, etc.] in bountiful 1s and 0s on 11/21.)

And we thought you guys would want to see this. Here is our Marie Antoinette Epiphone Giveaway winner, Ms. Maya Lucia. She promised she’d learn “How Soon Is Now” first and foremost (such impeccable taste in such a young lady!) and we can’t wait for the MP3! Her dad says: “Maya Lucia loves the guitar so much, she even sleeps with it … Here’s hoping she’ll let me play with it sometime!” Yeah, some of you are bitter you didn’t win — but c’mon, it melts your heart, don’t it?

Also, congrats to our Harry Smith Anthology winner, Marc — and to Joe, the man who will soon hang a signed Love Is All poster on his wall. See, folks? People really do win at! So you still have a few days to enter The Who CD Catalog Giveaway, the Andy Partridge Boxed Set Giveaway, and the Mimobot Flashdrive/Beck designed & signed The Information Giveaway. Do it.

UPDATE: About those bragging rights — wouldn’t it be cooler if you could prove that you had the last available Aluminium vinyl? Well you can, you loser! You’re gonna get the real deal, serialized #999. You are so gonna get laid.