New Albert Hammond, Jr. Video – “Back To The 101″

How is it that even in death Ric Oh-KASS-eck’s favorite Stroke looks better than we ever could in a skinny suit? Here’s the first vid from Albert Hammond, Jr.’s coming out record Yours To Keep. Ways in which it resembles “The Scientist”: a car crash, followed by scenes as a pensive pedestrian. Ways in which it differs: Albert’s a Stroke zombie!

Have you spent some time with Yours To Keep? What’s the good word? We missed his set at Mercury Lounge during CMJ (thanks to sassy cig smoking door crashers), but we’ve managed to spin the record here and there. Who knew that ‘fro could sing so well! And the tunes are decent. But let’s be honest: Strokes much? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

We know, it’s not every song; tunes like “Blue Skies” and “Scared” are lovely departures. But it just goes to show: You can take the guitarist out of The Strokes, but ya can’t take The Strokes out of the guitarist! (Sorry, we’ve been dying to write that since sentence one.)