New Timbaland (Featuring Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado) – “Give It To Me”

It’s Timbaland’s time to call in some favors from his promiscuous and sexy friends on this track from the producer’s solo album, due out next year. Not surprisingly, the beat is awesome once it kicks in, but then we’re smacked with Nelly’s vox and umm …

We no like. But allegedly Timberlake’s part is about Janet Jackson, and that’s the sort of shit-stirring we can get behind!

Could you speak up and stop mumbling
I dont think you’re even clear
When you’re sitting on the top
it’s hard to hear you from way up there.
I saw you tryin to act cute on TV
“Just let me clear the air.”
We missed you on the charts last week
Damn that’s right, you wasn’t there

Now if sexy never left
then why is everybody on my shit
Don’t hate on me just because
you didn’t come up with it
So if you see us in the club
go on and walk the other way
Cause our run will never be over
not at least until we say

Never underestimate the divisive power of the nipple.