New Barzin Video – “Leaving Time”

The second LP from Barzin My Life In Rooms is for lovers of melancholic slowcore, in the vein of Sparklehorse, Low, and Red House Painters. Barzin Hosseini’s breathy, understated vocals are a rudder, guiding the hazy, narcotic, and utterly infectious alt-country arrangements. This track’s strings were scored by Karen Graves, whom we know and love from her work on Hayden’s Skyscraper National Park. Here’s the video premiere of “Leaving Time.”

And it is in MP3, along with two others from the new Barzin, for your iPod. Perfect for your cloudy-day commute home for the Thanksgiving holiday. And to make your parents think you’re really, really sad about life.

Barzin – “Leaving Time” (MP3)
Barzin – “Let’s Go Driving” (MP3)
Barzin – “Won’t You Come” (MP3)

Smile! And enjoy.

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